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Question by  NikolicNenad (15)

How can I tell if a robovoski hamster is a male or female?

I'm considering breeding hamsters.


Answer by  JK (48)

When you get the hamster into a position where the genitalia is visible, look for two little openings that will be similar looking to nipples. That will be your male. The female genitalia will only have one of these openings.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Females have two openings that are very close, and might even appear as one opening. The openings in males are further apart. Males also have a yellow spot (scent gland).


Answer by  Gattre (18)

There are ways two to tell you what gender your Roborovski hamster is. You can take the hamster to a Veterinarian and have them perform a blood test to determine what gender you hamster is. You can also tell them apart because males have a visible scent gland near the navel that looks like a yellowish stain.

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