Question by  wehadthought (391)

When a physician gives an attorney a patients entire file, even information about treatment for hiv. what hippa violations have occurred?

My doctor turned over my entire file to an attorney.


Answer by  bloodyfreak (172)

If you signed a blank release allowing your doctor to share your medical information with the attorney or law office, then no violation has occured. But if the release specified for them to only review treatment you received for one aliment or procedure then your doctor did violate Hippa laws.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

It sounds like alot of hippa violations have occurred. But, first make sure that the office privacy statement that you signed did not say anything about turning your file over to the appropriate law enforcement if needed for a court case. Sometimes they slip that in. If so, then they have not violated you at all.


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

I don't believe any violations have occurred. If your doctor had not turned over your medical records to the attorney, then they can get them by court order.

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