Question by  Simsim (69)

What Minnesota Vikings players have worn the number four jersey?

What is the history of the number four with the Minnesota Vikings?


Answer by  Larry (104)

According to the Vikings' website, the following players have worn number 4: Doug Brien, kicker in 2002. Dale Dawson, kicker in 1987. Donald Igwebuike, kicker in 1990. Eddie Johnson, punter in 2003. Archie Manning, quarterback from 1983 through 1984. Mike Saxon, punter 1994 through 1995. And the current wearer of number 4, Brett Favre, quarterback.


Answer by  worker4010 (33)

Including Bret Favre, there have been 6 players in the Vikings 48 year history who have worn the number 4. Doug Brien, Dale Dawson, Donald Igwebuike, Archie Manning, & Mike Saxon

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