Question by  JK (48)

What's a good kid valentine?

I don't like those cards with the cartoons on them.


Answer by  Blossom9283 (358)

You can have you child make their own valentines. By folding paper in half and then cutting a half heart shape, they can then add in their own thoughts. This would be good for increasing motor skills (cutting) and language skills (writing) also.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Cut hearts out of red card stock. Buy doilies a little smaller then the heart. Glue the doilie onto the paper heart and glue on a small red bow. Write your own saying. This would be for girls. For the boys I make hearts buy use a comic book page and cut a smaller heart and glue in on.


Answer by  Jeffmidnight (5)

If you're a computer savvy (knows how to create a movie file), you can scan pictures and create a good movie file (Windows has this Movie Maker application). Appropriate valentine song will also set the mood. Save the file in a CD or USB then shoot, you have a good kid valentine :-)


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Well the best valentine cards have cartoons on it. They are so cute and you can get them from the dollar store. GO out to dollar tree. You can get other types of designs for cheap.

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