Question by  graceless (141)

What age child can play Webkinz online?

I am very careful what my kids do online.


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Children of any age can play webkinz, but if children are especially young, it is best to use Webkinz Junior. This service is just for children age 3-6. Children as old as 18 still enjoy the site, but because the games are simplistic, the site is best suited for children under 13.


Answer by  starr (93)

9-12 is a fairly good age. If you are worried you can watch them while they are playing. Webkinz is actually very safe for younger kids.


Answer by  asdfas (280)

Webkinz is a very kid-friendly game that allows them to play games online safely. They have a "chat" with limited words like "hi!" and "cool". I would say 5-6 yrs.


Answer by  curtangel (138)

Elementary school age - there are limits on what kids can say and plenty of parental control options, but there is a bit of reading if the child is pre-reading.

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