Question by  jeffw (173)

What are some fun kids Valentines day party ideas?

I am planning a neighborhood Kids Valentines day party and need suggestions.


Answer by  nchang (67)

Kids would really enjoy a cupcake decorating Valentines Party. They could really get into the spirit by decorating a cupcake for someone else. Use a blind lottery system so that each child can pick a tag with a name on it. They can then decorate a cupcake and present it.


Answer by  jmo (89)

Guess how many conversation hearts are in a jar, make your own Valentine craft activity, make your own Sundae bar with red jimmies, red hots and strawberry sauce.


Answer by  Touchdown (317)

There are a variety of Valentine's Day events that you can do at a neighborhood Kids Valentines Day Party. One game that is popular for kids regardless of what type of party it is for is Pin The Tail on the donkey.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

having a party for v-day making everything in pink, red and white even the food. have the kids help decorated the cookies and have little project for them to do like 15 peaces of candy and tided the end together to make a neckilace.also hugs games with the kids to

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