Question by  kp671 (56)

What year was Voss and Sons piano company established?

I am in the process of purchasing a new piano, the seller is telling me that the piano was created the first year in which Voss and Sons sold piano's.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

James Whiting Vose, born in 1818 and educated in the cabinet-making trade in Boston, Mass. , built his first piano in 1851, the year he founded his business with his three sons. The company was eventually incorporated in 1889 with all of the shares being in the ownership of family members.


Answer by  sword (37)

In 1851 Vose build his first piano. Later he educated his 3 sons in the piano buisness and changed the company name to Vose and Sons. In 1889 the company was incorporated with the entire family members.


Answer by  dweerts320 (85)

Voss and Sons was established in 1851 in Boston, Mass. They have been making fine pianos for over a century and a half.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

James Voss was born in Boston in 1818 and was a cabinet maker by trade. It was common for cabinet makers to build pianos. By mid-century he founded Vose Piano Company, later involving his sons and changing the company name to Voss and Sons. An early Voss piano would date somewhere between 1850 and 1854.


Answer by  mjs6643 (10)

The company is actually Vose and Sons and it was established in 1851 in Boston, Massachusetts by J. w. Vose.


Answer by  patjeske (0)

I have owned a Voss & Sons upright piano since the age of 9 in 1956! My parents bought it from my piano teacher for $100. Based on an elderly piano tuners expertise, I've been told my piano was built around 1920. Weighs 500 pounds and still sounds so good.

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