Question by  NathanCloud (28)

How should I discipline a 16 year old boy?

I am a single mother and my 16 year old son won't listen to me.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

I would discipline him by hitting him where it hurts. Take something away from him that is important to him. Like cell phone or computer or car. And stick to what you say don't just give in, mean what you say to him and say what you mean. And let him know that your a serious this time.


Answer by  smartinez (55)

Whatever you do, stick to your punishments and never let your guard down. Intensive, precise work may work (pulling every single weed, clean bathtub). Don't let him go out with friends if he fails to treat you with respect or not call you periodically while out.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

You must take all privileges away from him, take away his phone, lower his computer usage time, and constantly remind him of how he has achieved the spot where is he today, you might want to get on his emotional side to do this.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

He needs to fear something or someone. Find out if your pastor, some man from the church or some other man in your family can talk to him.

posted by Anonymous
Better yet, find a woman to shame and humiliate him. A woman can emasculate him like no other! Emotional abuse will do much more than physical intimidation. That poor boy will take that to his grave.  add a comment
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I think that is wrong to do.  add a comment

Answer by  rewa (57)

Try to be friend of your child and tell him about discipline. Don't scold him as age of scolding has gone. Try talk to him and tell him importance of discipline in life. Implement it in his routine life, like to be punctual, to respect others whether elder or younger.


Answer by  Anonymous

lock him up in a dark room for days,he should only come out when he want to eat and he shouldn't be allowed to do anything atall............

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Boys don't care alot of them like the dark.  add a comment

Answer by  JenniferE (-3)

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