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Question by  Roshpico (90)

What would you expect to pay for a mid-range cruiser bike?

Recommendations would be appreciated, too.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

You should expect to pay a least $149-$200 for the mid-range cruiser bike.For great prices you should check out Ebay,Shopzilla,and any bike stores near you.If you look and dont like what you see keep checking the websites because they might have a price drop.The store might even have a sale on them.


Answer by  hartford (506)

The mid-range category for cruiser bikes provides a great balance between price and utility. Although you could pay as much as $650+ for the high end bikes, the mid-range offers excellent options to suit most users. Mid-range Women's cruisers start at $150 and Men's at around $200. Consider the warranties and brand reputation before choosing a lower priced option.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

I personally would pay around 100-200 dollars no more no less. I would recommend getting one made of steel rather then aluminum.


Answer by  TinyorBigJosh (6)

A mid-range cruiser bike would cost around $225. Department stores offer basics around $125 and end start about $500 and skyrocket from there. $200 to $250 is a fair price.


Answer by  Califax (12)

250-500 Personally, I would suggest buyinig a used bike if your shopping in this market. This allows your money to go a lot farther. Also if your buying a standard bike such as a Raleigh their parts are standardized which makes tuning up and repairing your bike this much easier.

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