Question by  someonewhoknows (36)

What is a better cruise line, Royal Caribbean or Carnival?

I am planning my first cruise, but I'm not sure which is the best cruise line company.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Carnival is cheaper, Royal Caribbean is classier. I've been on both. I recommend RC over just about any other cruise line. Norweigan Cruise Line is pretty decent, too.


Answer by  Deanna (30)

I have cruised both but I prefer Royal. Their Freedom class of ships have so much to do and there truly is something for everyone. Even on a bigger ship the Royal staff made us feel just like royalty. They remembered our names, where we were from and what we prefer to drink. I didn't feel that with Carnival.


Answer by  Charlotte (76)

It depends on your preference. Carnival has more family-oriented cruises, while RC is more upscale. Each has its own quirks. My own research always led me to RC most often because they seemed more adult-oriented. I recommend browsing cruising message boards to learn members' experiences on specific cruises.


Answer by  KathyM (20)

We have cruised on both lines and we prefer Royal Caribbean. The Carnival cruise had too much drinking and partying for out taste. One man was seriously injured when another passenger pushed him down the stairs. The cruise itinerary had to be changed so he could get to a hospital.


Answer by  GeorgeJung (33)

Royal Caribbean, I did it and it was great. The food service is amazing! The cruise is the same, so its the little things that matter.


Answer by  John (9008)

Royal Caribbean is a bit higher grade, with newer ships and nicer amenities, but it is usually more costly. Carnival has older ships, but is cheaper. Both offer enjoyable experiences, however.


Answer by  selva (22)

Both build best cruise ships..but I think Royal Caribbean International are better than Carnival because they provide Major safety issues and moreover the cost is very less.

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