Question by  IsquirtbutitfeelslikeIampeeing (28)

Is Sugar Twin good?

So many of these sugar substitute products are not good.


Answer by  Chemist47 (189)

Unfortunately, it is not. No sugar substitute is 'good for you'. The body reacts the same way hormonally (biochemically speaking) to sugar substitutes as real sugar - but because fake sugar doesn't have any calories it makes the body eat more to compensate. So they're almost even worse.


Answer by  AmirLUSKYsmallDICK (116)

I do not really like it. It reminds me of the other substitutes, which taste weird to me. Try it though because you might like it more. I agree that they all are pretty bad.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

I think it is awfully good in health. It is Good taste to compared with sugarĀ· It contain zero calories, so that it is alternative to Sugar for Cooking and Baking. If we use Sugar Twin in cooking it has good taste. We have no health problem like sugar. It can use in diabetic patients also.


Answer by  Bee92 (82)

Sugar Twin is made of saccharin and is exactly like Sweet N Low, just a different brand name. In my opinion they all taste like chemicals and should be avoided.


Answer by  LeisaI (43)

No, most people think that artificial sweeteners are good for you but they are not. You are better off eating less sugar then using artifical ones.


Answer by  Ben30 (17)

Sugar Twin might be considered the lesser know child of the artificial sweetener family. It often gets pushed aside in favor of the more popular blue, pink, or yellow packets. It contains no calories, no real sugar, is saccharin-based, and it's cheaper. But, if you're concerned about the long-term implications of fake sugar, Sugar Twin shouldn't be your first choice.


Answer by  Vivi55 (287)

I personally find it too sweet-tasting compared to regular sugar with a bitter aftertaste. It's still banned for sale in the US, but it can be found in other countries.

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