Question by  ashleygold (9)

What were the basic features of sailing ships in the 1400s?

I have to draw up plans like I am designing the ship.


Answer by  bon39 (24)

I think your best bet for answers for the features of 1400's sailing ship is to go to the library and seek out a design book for that era. There are magazines that may be of some help and even on the internet there are sights that have pictures of those ships. Try old book stores in Newport Rhode Island


Answer by  getra (5)

Average height of the sailing ship is 80 feet, made of wood, three masts, used hemp rope, cast iron anchor, rudder controlled by multi-handled helm, every ship had a name.


Answer by  aarti (56)

Sailing ship has common thing like hull, rigging & mast.The crew who sail called sailor.Hulls are used to reduce the wave,rigging is the apparatus by which we can used the force of air to sail ship.Rigging include mast, yards, sails, & cordage.

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