Question by  lotus16 (18)

What is the nicest and friendliest cruise ship to go on?

I would like to start researching cruise ships to go on with my family, child friendly please.


Answer by  patti (29325)

All cruise lines are nice and friendly. No cruise line would do well with a reputation of being nasty and unfriendly. The best references come from friends who have traveled and from message boards regarding the various cruise lines.


Answer by  seanbeeeee (20)

The Disney Cruise Line ships are the most family friendly ships currently sailing. The 3 ships are called Dream, Magic and Wonder.


Answer by  dolphin9 (195)

From my experience and the experience of several friends and family members, Carnival provides the best time for the widest variety of clientel. The demographic on most Carnival cruises is very diverse, including old and young. There are kid's camp activities during the day, as well as a small dancing area for pre-teens and teens on some ships.


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

The Disney Cruise line is at the top of many lists. Of course, with it's Disney theme,it is definitely family oriented with many activites to keep children busy. The cabins on the inside of the ship are better than on many other cruise lines. This cruise line also has bathrooms that enable families to get ready easier.

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