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Question by  stephaniecostello (36)

What are the sister ships of the Titanic?

I am pretty sure there were one or two sister ships.


Answer by  Shae (49)

There were two sister ships to the Titanic. They were the Britannic ship and the Olympic ship I believe. Also, the Britannic was originally going to be named the Gigantic but they later changed it's name.


Answer by  Cmarsh (38)

Yes, it had 2 sister ships. One was the Olympic and the other was the Britannic. They were both modified after the Titanic sank.


Answer by  Scook9989 (43)

The Titanic was one of three large liners of White Star Liners. Her sister ships which were planned to be near identical are the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

The Titanic had two sister ships. The first was the HMHS Britannic, and the second was called the RMS Olympic.


Answer by  mike90 (71)

the titanic did have a sister ship, it was the Olympic which was luanched seven monthes befor the Titanic, the only difference between the 2 ships was that the forward A-deck promenades on tittanic were covered and titanic was far more luxurious


Answer by  isis36 (161)

There were indeed two sister ships of the Titanic. The eldest of the three was the RMS Olympic, which pre-dated the Titanic. Then, came the Titanic. The third of the sisters was the HMHS Britannic, which came after the loss of the Titanic.

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