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Question by  trumpetchris (13)

What were some of Germany's tactical blunders during WW2 battle of Britain?

No mater where I look I can not find an answer to this question for my History class?


Answer by  Ascencion (54)

In the summer of 1940, Great Britain, under threat of German naval invasion, relied solely on air superiority for survival. So, from July 10 to September 6, the German Luftwaffe strove to wipe out the Royal Air Force. Then the Luftwaffe blundered by shifting its objective to the terror bombing of London. The RAF remained strong, sealing off the channel.


Answer by  MichaelMoroschan (120)

Germany's main tactical blunders during the WW2 Battle of Britain were; 1. Failing to launch an invasion by sea when they had the opportunity to do so, 2. The bombing of London causing the retaliation effort by the allies that years later destroyed Germany's factory war output capacity, 3. Failure to be able to maintain air warfare superiority.

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