Question by  poodlegirl (142)

What was the purpose for Jesus coming to earth?

I get very confused with religion.


Answer by  Suranee (81)

Jesus came to earth to save mankind from God's wrath by sacrificing himself for us. He did this by living on this earth as a human being so that he would feel pain, hunger, and sorrow just like us. He also allowed himself to be tortured and crucified without using his spiritual powers to save himself.


Answer by  lladybugg (153)

According to Christianity, Jesus came to earth to teach his disciples, and then to sacrifice his life so that we could go to heaven with him when we pass away.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

The Bible recounts the first sin, the law told people how not to sin, followed by Jesus's arrival and His covenant of grace. Adam and Eve proved we are sinful. The law proved we couldn't stop. Jesus came to make us righteous in God's eyes despite our sinful ways.


Answer by  katyb (131)

There were a couple of reasons. Luke 4:43, to teach about God's kingdom. MAtthew 20:28 - to give his perfect life as a ransom paid to God which equalled the perfect life that Adam lost (Romans 5:12) so that we could regain eternal life (Romans 6:23)


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Most Christians believe that Jesus came to Earth in order to teach people the proper way to live and most importantly to sacrifice himself so that the gates of heaven could reopen to human beings.


Answer by  Anonymous

Same reason as why you and I are here on Earth.

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