weight lifting


Question by  toni02 (73)

What vcan you tell me about body building after the age of 50?

I am over 50 and want to start body building.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I can tell you that your muscles are that much older, so you should be very careful when you first start out. I would also recommend speaking to your family doctor first.


Answer by  phrueben (49)

First of all, the most important thing is to make sure you go and talk to your doctor about it. Once you are cleared by your doctor, start with a light routine, and once you stop getting soared from your work outs, start increasing the intensity of your work outs.


Answer by  Kannaki (63)

The after 50 set back that occurs is many people due to improper diet. Once you past the age of 50, you must begin to rebuild your body, if you wish to avoid senility and retain sound mentality and physical vigor. Till you supply the materials to body, it needs to rebuild and repair cells you will have good health.


Answer by  JJspecs (16)

Start very slowly, do not jump in and start lifting at your maximum. Get a personal trainer, and start on some glucosamine. Let me stress, be careful of your joints.

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