Question by  iftikhar909 (9)

What use is a DOS ping command?

I just learned about ping.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

Ping command helps in determining TCP/IP Networks IP address as well as determine issues with the network and assists in resolving them.


Answer by  bobbym (55)

Ping can be used to trace errors in networking. For instance, you can ping servers and website to see if they are active.


Answer by  Mark94 (127)

A ping is a very basic/useful way to trouble shoot networks. You can use ping to test the status of networking hardware. At home all it really means is you can check if you are connected to the internet or if a specific server is up. It is more useful in large private networks.


Answer by  jkmavelil (76)

ping command is used as tool to check connectivity between two pc's in a LAN. by "ping"ing to a ip the machine sends out ICMP echos to the other machine. if the connection is ok then reply is obtained along with details


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

Helps in determining TCP/IP Networks IP address. ping is used to verify if network data packet is capable of being distributed. ping is used to check for network errors.


Answer by  Anonymous

Which of the following would be the correct ping configuration chain? a- loopback IP, gateway IP, and website IP b- loopback IP, and website IP, gateway IP c- website IP, gateway IP, and loopback IP d- None of the above

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