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Question by  Joyce75 (25)

How do I create a MS-DOS partition?

I need to create a MS-DOS partition.


Answer by  lei (490)

When formatting your hard drive, there is an option on how many partitions you would like to divide your hard drive into. At the same time, there is an option as which division you would like to install your operating system into, leaving another partition for MS-DOS.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

The most simple way to create a MS-DOS partition is with a program called 'mrbooter'. Download mrbooter for free at ZDNET. Mrbooter, once ran, will show you all the partitions on your drive.It will also allow you to make changes to these partitions. This includes creating or deleting your MS-DOS partitions. Go to the help file for more information.


Answer by  odp85 (52)

Use a bootable CD for Ubuntu Linux. During installation setup you can create arbitrary partitions. Setup your MS-DOS partition and then quit the setup without actually installing Linux.


Answer by  Gomathi (19)

I found some good prices and decided to do multiple system upgrades at once. That is doubtless at the root of my problems. Once I got things well and truly screwed up, only then did I pull everything out and put things bacak one at a time. The RAM upgrade seems to be working out fine


Answer by  gigo (1706)

You need to have a dos boot disk. With this disk you can boot and create the new partition with fdisk.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

MS-DOS prompt box are used to fully command box and some key word fully search using those ms-dos partition so first path setting important.


Answer by  shawn4y2 (11)

Boot from a MS-DOS bootable media, either disk or CD, and launch the program FDISK. This utility will allow you to create and delete partitions.

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