Question by  fb3 (29)

What is a scan disk command?

I need to understand scan disk commands.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Scan disk has many commands. /all is used to check and repair all local drives, /autofix fixes errors without prompting you, /checkonly will check the local drive but will not fix, /custom is for running custom scans, /mono is used to surface scan after checking other areas of the drive.


Answer by  Kevin80 (65)

Scandisk is a program in windows used to check for errors on your hard disk. Only used in Windows 98 or older. Your probably need to run CHKDSK instead.


Answer by  turker297 (87)

scandisk is a command that you can use at a command prompt in Windows to examine and fix errors on your hard drive. (e. g. "scandisk c:\")


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

A or ALL - Scans all local, non-removable hard drives. Autofix - Fixes damages without prompting. Checkonly - Tests for errors but doesn't make any changes. Custom - Configures and runs Scandisk according to the Scandisk. ini file settings. Nosave - With autofix, deletes lost clusters rather than saving as files.

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