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Question by  Kevin91 (20)

What tones are considered to be in the summer color palette?

I am putting together a color pallet for my children art room and need to know the different pallets for the different seasons.


Answer by  worker2268 (76)

Your summer palette will be comprised of archetypal weather and landscapes tones. Your best bet is to look at a typical Caribbean island scene, the fruits and flora, and selected what feels rich, hot and lively. Sunburst yellows, clear blue skies, lush greens... as opposed to a spring palette which would be lively yet cool tones (cool greens, purples, blues).


Answer by  Zarike (20)

Earth and jewel tones are the primary tones for the summer color palette. Mix light and dark colors as well as warm and cool ones to make a customized scheme to meet the individual's tastes.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

The bright, deep colors of the flowers and trees. Deep reds,yellows, purples, blues, any color of the summer flower. The most important shade is green, all tones of it.

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