Question by  worker3059 (35)

What to look for in cake decorating courses?

I would like to learn to make birthday and wedding cakes, however do I do not know what kind of cake decorating course to take.


Answer by  crazzie (20)

I would look for a beginner course. You can find one at your local craft supply store. They usually have a class list of items you have to purchase for the class. Check out the experience of the instructor.


Answer by  lou (792)

In order to learn how to decorate wedding cakes, you must first learn the basics with an introductory cake decorating course. Mastering these techniques takes practice. The decorating and assembling of wedding cakes one of the last courses to take. There are several levels of learning.


Answer by  SammysAunt (105)

For beginner cake decorating courses, you can find them at a variety of arts and craft supply stores. Micheal's and Hobby Lobby are two to look for that often offer decorating classes. The best courses to seek out are the Wilton cake decorating classes, which are the most comprehensive and have starter kits available for purchase with everything you need.


Answer by  labgirl (333)

There are three main sources of cake-decorating courses: craft shops, community colleges, and culinary schools. A good place to start is the Wilton courses at craft stores like Joann's and Micheal's. There you can learn basic techniques and decide if you want or need to pursue further instruction to develop a career (or just your hobby) in cake decorating.

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