Question by  Mattrief (4)

What do I need to do to start a cake decorating business?

I am very good at cake decorating.


Answer by  Aya (797)

You need a good business plan, a potential market for your product, and definitely some money to spare! You will have to do lots of research to make it successful.


Answer by  karthik70 (12)

. Your knowledge about cake making in general will determine how effective and creative your designs will be. The courses will also enable you to assess the best ingredients to use and the most effective preparation and preservation techniques to save effort, time and money.


Answer by  tamih (7)

To start a cake decorating business, you will need to check with the licensing agencies for food preparation in your area. You will also want to have a few tried and true recipes, ample space for decorating and all the basic tools. Creativity is also a must.


Answer by  zuidlaren (53)

Make a business plan. Determine who your clients will be and what price they will pay for the decorating services you plan to provide. Maybe hook up first with a bakery that makes the cakes in the first place and start there. In order to generate some meaningful income the Wedding Cake business looks like a good niche.

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