Question by  Louise (94)

What are some easy cake decorating ideas?


Answer by  lou (792)

Some easy ways to decorate a cake include using candy, such as M & M's. Sliced strawberries or cherries also add a nice touch. To add texture, you can use a fork. Drag the fork in the frosting to create wavy lines. If your cake has a light color frosting, you can drizzle chocolate on top.


Answer by  crazyangel72 (115)

One of my favorite ideas, is using flowers you can eat. Another is using childrens miniature toys/figurines to set a seen. However you choose to go, you can't go wrong. I used jungle animals and made a beautiful jungle cake. Stacking different size pieces of cakes to achieve a waterfall, as well as mountainous region.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

One of the easiest ways is to take objects and put them on the cake. Make them significant. You can find items in craft stores or even children's toys.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

I cake decorate with easy thing if im doing a chocolate cake i slice strawberries and fan out with kiwi and what ever other fruit i have. if i have white icing i use thin orange slice twiced with blueberries and raspberrise on top fruit is the best when sweet

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