Question by  lmmare (22)

What tips can you provide on wiring a dimmer switch?

I am going to attempt to wire a dimmer switch myself and I know nothing about it.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The best thing to do when you are going to wire a dimmer switch is to make sure you have a ground and a hot. Then you are going to want to make sure there is a fuse that is going to the outlet so that way if it is overloaded it will shut off.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

It attaches to the circuit the same way as the existing on/off switch. Throw the proper breaker, remove the faceplate, unscrew the exiting switch, observe how the wires are attached, remove the wires, attach the wires to the new dimmer the same way, and reassemble. If you use compact fluorescent bulbs, make sure they're OK for dimmers.


Answer by  pmm62 (243)

First, determine the load the dimmer switch will control. If there are 3 100W light bulbs, the load will be 300w. Make sure the dimmer is rated for this load.


Answer by  SalimuddinSultan (133)

To wire a dimmer switch one can follow the tips - he should use the ballast and check it whether it will fit to your fixture, instead of normal wire for this use three wire plus grounded cable, be aware of danger if you fix a dimmer switch to fixtures that are not compatible then the lights may burn out.

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