Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you ever use dimmer switches on lights, or do you just turn them to the maximum setting?

A few lights in my house have dimmer switches, but i just find that I almost always use the max.


Answer by  mturk9000 (33)

I use dimmer switches on some lights in our house. Our dining room chandelier has a dimmer switch which I frequently use. At night it looks nice to leave the lights on low, and saves electricity, while allowing us to see where we are going when we walk through the room.


Answer by  Anonymous

if your energy conscious you'll use them, but most light switches seem to be set at a reasonable amount of light for most things.


Answer by  Phil (103)

I do use the dimmer switch for mood lighting, especially when I am trying to get my wife in the mood for some romantic relations. It is always a turn on. Also, the dimmer switch can be set for parties to liven the environment.


Answer by  lotion33 (48)

Yes I like to use them, in fact I want to install them on another room in the house that we don't have them. Sometimes it is nice to have them at full power, but I presonally am irriated by bright lights unless i'm looking for something I can't find.

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