Question by  iteadjoseph (9)

What does dimmer switch control on Nissan truck?

I need to know why my Nissan truck has a dimmer switch.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If you have a dimmer switch then it should be for adjusting the dash lights. The dimmer knob should be located somewhere on the dash. It can be used to turn the dash lights off completely or to adjust brightness to a comfortable level when the headlights or running light are turned on.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

Your dimmer switch controls the brightness of your dash and the brightness of your interior dome light. If it doesn't work check the switch and fuses.


Answer by  anthonyruatto (80)

The dimmer switch usually controls the brightness of your interios and dash lights. Pushing the switch to the top will activate your interior dome light. If you move switch with lights on and nothing happens contact dealer.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

The dimmer switch controls whether the headlights are on normal or high beam. When on high, you will see a dash light indicating your brights are on.


Answer by  Mturksearcher (21)

The dimmer switch on the console if equipped is to dim the interior lights. It is basically a rheostat or a variable resistor. Working by dropping or lowering the voltage to the lights. The switch located on the steering wheel column is too dim the headlights from high beam to low beam.

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