Question by  vgmaster937 (11)

What is the process for lengthening electrical switch wire?

I need to lengthen electrical switch wire.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

First, turn off the power. Remove the wire covering using wire nippers. Find the same type of wire and 2 wire nuts. You want to lay the new wire against each end of the existing wire, affix the wire nut to each end and twist until tight.


Answer by  wphill1 (40)

First you need to determine if you need to lengthen the wire going to the switched object or the feed wire. If it is the feed wire, then splice wire to new piece in junction box. If it is the actual switched wire then replace if possible, splice just like feed wire if replacement is impossible or too costly.


Answer by  timswi (63)

If the wire in your switch box is too short, add an insulated piece of wire using a wire nut.


Answer by  Egon (67)

find the gauge of the wire. obtain the length you want to add to it. purchase a butt splice and prepare the wires. crimp the splice on the wire.

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