Question by  vuick (3)

What tips can you provide me on troubleshooting my 99 Tacoma 2.7 that has had new plugs and wires placed in, however the truck hesitates while accelerating and backfires, the code is Pulled misfire #1 cylinder?

new plugs and wires truck hesitates while accelerating and backfires. 99 tacoma 2. 7 could it be the coil pack? code pulled misfire # 1 cylinder


Answer by  ArchieBringino (107)

Check what is the sequencing of the wires incase they may have been wrongly attached and also check your coil incase that it may be the one triggering the misfire.


Answer by  danielle1979 (116)

Check your wire connection and spark plug gap for this cylinder. Use another wire to see if that one is defective. You may need a new coil.


Answer by  k99 (489)

Try and test your coil packs because thats the next step after plugs and wires. Plus usually with a misfire it has to do with the coil packs.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

I believe the tacomas use companion cylinders so a coil would create 2 misfires. It more likely that the plug had a small crack or was gapped inproperly. If thats not the case you need to make sure the wires r on corectly. they may be lose on the plug. if that dont work swap two of the coil packs.


Answer by  Angel1988 (81)

If you are being given that error, then it is probably a piston itself or could be something in the wiring. I would try the piston first because electrical on a vehicle can be very tricky to mess with and if the wrong thing is done, you could fry your whole vehicle.


Answer by  kevin96 (9)

A misfire with new plugs and wires can mean that the cylinder might be losing compression or there could be a bad terminal on the distributor for the #1 cylinder.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well a misfire indicates an ignition issue. I would try checking the ignition coil. If it is a newer truck it should have one per cylinder and the #1 on is probably going bad. Also make sure the plugs are gasped correctly and the engine is in time.

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