Question by  DanB (15)

What tips can you give me for a sales interview?

I am going on a sales interview and need some tips.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

It would depend on whether it's tele or face to face but the main points should remain the same. Confidence, determination, eloquence the ability to create a need for your product in the mind of your buyer, self-motivation, perseverance in the face of objection and approachability & professionalism.


Answer by  severaltimes (247)

Sales is a very social field which requires impeccable people skills. Interviewers should be able to easily understand you without feeling like they wouldn't otherwise be talking to you. Make sure you smell nice, too.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

A sales person needs excellent interpersonal skills, so it's important to be confident (not arrogant) and at ease during the interview. Research the company so you can demonstrate your knowledge of the products or services you would be selling. If you have sales experience, describe ways you helped to win new customers and increase company revenues in previous positions.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

When going on a sales interview be prepared to talk about your achievements, weather or not you have met your sales goal for previous years.


Answer by  nisham (15)

Always remember that you are going to sell your skills in any interview. You need to be a good listener along with good communication skill. Be optimistic, try to answer each question directly, collect the information about the company, be focussed and lastly have confidence on yourself.

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