Question by  cmolmen (35)

What the a cat's behavior of kneading mean?


Answer by  raudf (23)

The kneading behavior is a holdover from kitten-hood, where the kittens would knead their mother's nipple to get the milk to flow. It's a sign of comfort in adulthood.


Answer by  Leanan (234)

A kitten kneads its mother's stomach to make the milk flow from the nipples. Adult cats sometimes knead their owners in a similar fashion. This is a show of affection from the cat - it means the cat thinks you are his/her mother, she is looking to you for nutrition and love. If your cat kneads you, he loves you.


Answer by  mascota (639)

Kneading originates from when a cat is a kitten. Kittens knead while they are taking their mother's milk and feel secure. I would imagine that adult cats knead when they also feel safe. Cats usually knead whilst sitting on a human's lap or when finding a comfortable place to settle down to sleep.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Kittens knead their mother's belly as they feed when they're very small. Later on in life this is an automatic reaction to contentment and pleasure, similar to that which they felt in infancy.


Answer by  booboobear (139)

Kneading with their paws is a sign that a cat feels relaxed, comfortable, and happy. Kittens do this to get milk from their mothers.


Answer by  YouKnowMyName (32)

Kittens are born with the instinct to knead (also called 'making buscuits'). When a kitten kneads against it's mother's belly the milk is stimulated to flow more freely. many adult cats never outgrow this, and though they know they won't get milk, it is a sign of contentment. Be honored if your adult cat kneads when you're near.


Answer by  shyrofox (63)

This means that the cat is currently rather relaxed or content. It may date back to the memories of being a kitten and feeding from the mother cat.

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