Question by  MissAmbitions (56)

What are some effective parenting skills I can use to help prevent my 18 month old from hitting others?

I am having an issue with my 18 month old toddler, do you have suggestions on how I can effectively parent him and prevent him from hitting others?


Answer by  Pinto (166)

Children are like apes and imitate what others do. Hence, do not raise your hand at anybody not even your toddler. Explain to him the evils of hitting others.


Answer by  darla (94)

Try giving him a choice. Tell him he can hit but it will get him into trouble, or he can decide to be nice and something good will happen.


Answer by  bogeyman (119)

When he hits someone spank his little butt. The behavior will soon cease.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

At the age of 18 months the best thing you can do when they hit is to remove them from the situation, take away privileges and use time out.


Answer by  Irliol (25)

patience and no shouting/beating, but be firm. Say "it's mean to hit others, I will punish you by removing your favorite toy (or desert) and don't negociate

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