Question by  samvarghese (10)

How do you deal with a controlling parent?

My parent is the most controlling parent ever!


Answer by  beko (78)

I think the best way to deal with a controlling parent is to be honest and open with them. The more they know about your life, the more they are willing to let you do things. If you try and hide everything from them, of course they will not trust you and try to control everything. Just talk with them!


Answer by  pixlove (58)

Talk to them without being accusatory/defensive. Tell them how you feel and try to negotiate for something you want (like a later curfew). Start small and build their trust.


Answer by  georgiagirl (261)

Try sitting your parent down and have a good long converstion with them. You would be suprised how much they understand.


Answer by  Anonymous

Buy them expensive gifts and threaten to break them if you don't get your way.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

If you are an adult you have to establish boundries. For instance do not accept any more help from them if they control you through their gifts.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have a controlling parent. If they dont get their own way, they become emotionally abusive, and the best way, is what is good for the controller, to the neglect of myself, because a controller is selfish. Hence I am halfway through my life as an underachiever, with everything stripped

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