Question by  lindsay (111)

What strategies do you use to make airplane travel easier?


Answer by  Sockless (528)

I try and tire myself out before longer flight so that I can sleep most of the flight, and choose seats that help this. Earplugs greatly reduce engine and cabin noise. I also make sure to keep myself well hydrated, as cabin air is VERY dry.

Reply by tschebyshev (252):
Good quality noise reduction headsets work wonders on airplanes - I find them vastly superior to earplugs, but of course, they cost significantly more.  add a comment
Reply by penrose (235):
I also use the idea of being exhausted before a flight... sleeping makes the time whiz by. The only downfall with this technique, is I once tired myself out so much before a short flight, that i missed the flight! They put be on the next plane, but still :(  add a comment

Answer by  luna (100)

I try to arrive early at the airport. If it can be avoided I only bring a carry on bag and do not check luggage. If I am packing additional items I fed-ex my larger items before hand so I don't have to worry about picking up my luggage at the airport.


Answer by  Anonymous

I take a good book to read, a puzzle book, or work on my laptop. I usually wear earplugs so that I can enjoy my "alone time."


Answer by  onecrore (196)

i like to bring something to do. i usually save some important project that i am excited about for the flight. i just whip out my laptop and then can work uninterrupted for hours. except when they bring the peanuts ;) this makes the flight time fly by!


Answer by  yehiel (30)

Since the major problem is dealing with the jet lag when you get to the destination, I try to solve it by not sleeping. It's easier for me and I assume for everyone else to try not to fall a sleep than to fall a sleep. So I avoid sleeping until the first night after I arrive.

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