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Question by  Iamstrong (659)

What sort of requirements are there for property manager employment?

Are certain degrees or licensing required?


Answer by  miradevi (29)

There should be a good knowledge of property. Manager should have knowledge of degree. He should be aware of market ups and downs. He should be alert and attentive to the market. He should have future oriented vision. Having good dealing capacity. Having land at good and different locations.


Answer by  Devin98 (487)

In most states a property manager must hold a real estate license in order to be property managers due to local, state and national real estate laws. My first suggestion would be to check with your local professional licencing agency who will be able to provide you with any required licensing information.


Answer by  jashayc (20)

This depends greatly on the state in which you wish to work as a Property Manager. In Oregon it is required that you complete pre-licensinhg courses as well as take a state administered test. There are also continuing education requirements to renew your license.

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