Question by  scubasteve474 (1)

What size rims and tires can I put on my truck?

I have a 2003 silverado extender cab. I'm thinking 20's or 22's. Then, how big can I make the tires w/o lifting the truck? I'm going for a look halfway between street and redneck.


Answer by  seansnark (145)

The 1999-2006 GM 1500 silverado series of pickups use a 6x6.5 bolt pattern with a minimum of 16" rims. You must use wheels specifically designed for the gm series of pickups due to the redesigned hub design. It looks like the largest wheel and tire combination for this model is 305/50r20 with a back space of 4.5 inches.


Answer by  hypercatbed (142)

I wouldn't recommend puting on anything to big 22's can be pushing it. Stick with something smaller 18's or 20's should be good for what your trying to get out of it. Personally i would go with 20's


Answer by  Pablo66 (32)

Twenty inches is plenty big on a full size truck. However, if your truck is four by four and you use it regularly, look for off road rims.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

I wouldn't go any larger than 22's or your going to have to do lots of calibration work to get the speedometer to function properly. If you stick with 18 to 20, everything should work as normal. You also don't want to become a police magnet!

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