Question by  urvi (24)

What should you write in a food donation letter?

My non-profit company is going to have a fundraiser event, and need food to make it a success. We want to get donations from local businesses or grocery stores.


Answer by  gindeer (81)

First you introduce your organization how you start and where is your organization located, let them know the purpose of your organization and who will benifit of the foods. Let them know how much you will need for the event and let them know when will it be held and where.


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

Aside from the obvious tax deduction they get for the donation, mention that this is a double opportunity for them. They will get some positive advertising, for donating to a worthwhile cause, and that this is a chance to give something back to the community that has supported their business.


Answer by  ringneck (394)

I would emphasize the number of clients served and how this benefits them. I would also mention how the funds are used and the efficiencies that your group has developed in its operations.


Answer by  cherylb (125)

Included in your approach letter should be the nature of the non-profit company and the specific purpose of the fundraiser.

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