Question by  peacefulliving (24)

What should you keep in a child medical journal?

I want a medical journal for my son just in case anything were to happen, but I want to include the right things.


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

You should keep a record of all of their immunizations. Keep a record of any diseases they contract, and hospital visits. Keep record of medications, especially adverse reactions.


Answer by  asdfdadeq (46)

The medical journal should include height/weight/age at regular intervals as well as a detailed record of the times when they are ill. Include any medications given, doctors visits, symptoms appearing, disappearing, or improving.


Answer by  ushudno (155)

It is necessary to keep proper records. You must know what to record. Such records will always be useful for treatment in future especially in context of adverse reactions, incompatibilities and case history


Answer by  Kamalani (128)

It is important to keep a copy of all doctor and dentist visits in a folder. Make sure you include all shots, surgeries and x-rays.

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