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Question by  wayne3 (17)

Can I relieve thigh numbness through massaging my thigh?

I have noticed that I have numbness in my thigh, I need to know how to get it back to normal?


Answer by  thebes1966 (43)

Firstly, try a cream or a masseur that knows what they are doing. If that does not work then a trip to the doctor is in order. There could be a trapped nerve or problems with circulation so this would need checking out by a professional. Light exercise could reduce the numbness if it is not severe.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

If it is temporary then massage might help. If this is a long-term problem then you need to see a doctor because it could be something simple like a pinched nerve. The sciatic nerve for instance has been known to cause numbness in the leg.


Answer by  baba24 (270)

Massaging might help but it's probably the best bet to try and see a chiropractor and get checked out. It could be because of a crookedness in the spine.


Answer by  vinalsharma (6)

The best and olden remedy for this is filling a bucket full of warm water and adding salt into it. Then dipping you leg in for around 20 minutes.

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