Question by  Ken78 (19)

What should the water temperature be for mollies?

I have some other fish that require a certain temperature, but I want some mollies if they can live in the same water.


Answer by  tjh1234 (362)

The ideal water temperature for mollies should be between 77 and 83 degrees F (between 25 and 18 degrees C).


Answer by  DiggityDoo (100)

Mollies prefer a warm temperature--mine did best in temps in the low-to-mid-80s. Mollies also prefer brackish water (freshwater with a bit of salt), so be aware of this as well if you plan to house them with other fish. Most freshwater fish can take a little saltiness in the water.


Answer by  dkr0826 (44)

Since mollies are a tropical breed they require a heater for survival. The temperature range should be between seventy eight and eighty three degrees.


Answer by  senthilkumar (299)

The water temperature of mollies is 72 degrees,but not succeeded 82 degree Fahrenheit. This type of fish prefer hard water,and it pH level should be set at seven to eight. This fish will be reside in hard waters in which salt is needed. Mollies also enjoy well-planted area,house furnishing,lights,thin layer of humus and etc. ,which can decor your aquarium and keep mollies feel good.

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