Question by  Baimer (19)

What should my freezer settings be if it is in the garage?

I would like my freezer to work effectively.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

It all depends on the average weather in your area. Get a thermometer for your freezer and turn it to a middle setting wait about a day and check it. If its keeping cold enough you can raise the setting a little if its not cold enough lower the setting.


Answer by  Manuel (36)

Any freezer is set at the desired temperature no matter where it sits, if you like the items in it really frozen, it should be set at a setting of 4 or 5, or if you want them a little softer set it at a 2 or 3.


Answer by  budweiserhans (49)

Freezers should be set at zero degrees or colder. You are setting a thermostat which by defination will maintain your desired temperature regardless of outside ambient temperature. The only effect you will notice is it will run more often in hot garage than a cold one.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, they should be less than 10. I would say put them at 5 and these will be optimal conditions.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Freezer settings in a garage should be the recommended temperature of the food to be kept cold. For anything in the freezer in which the food must be kept frozen, have it set at least at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, though 28 degrees Fahrenheit is safer in case of sudden warming in the room and the freezer can't keep up.


Answer by  Taz (193)

The settings vary from a freezer to the other. The ideal temperature setting is -4 celsius (or 24. 8 Fahrenheit. Buy a little termometer and adjust from time to time.

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