Question by  mommyearl (65)

Why does my freezer work, but my refrigerator does not?

I have checked the settings and they are fine.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

If you have a freezer located at the bottom of your refrigerator the coolant probably has a difficult time traveling up the coils. Usually the problem with this is that there is some sort of blockage in the coils. This is usually caused by corrosion or dirty coolant.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

The freezer and refrigerator maybe connected but they are two seperate things.The refrigerator and freezer aren't wired together.That's why the freezer gets super cold and the refrigerator gets slightly cold.


Answer by  Max82 (270)

First of all re check your temperature control. If this is ok check to see that your condenser coils are clean and that your seal is closing properly.


Answer by  kaydenann (41)

It could be because the fan inside the refrigerator is not running. If not that then you might need a technician to come and check it out in case there are parts that need to be replaced. It could be the mullion heater or the thermostat. A technician can replace all for you.

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