Question by  mymimikitty (15)

What should it cost to repair a fuel pump?


Answer by  wrenchguy4222 (33)

The average cost of a fuel pump replacement for a domestic car is around $300, while the average import/foreign vehicle fuel pump replacement is anywhere from $350-$600. The cost of the fuel pump itself is usually on the low side, its the labor cost that tends to be quite expensive.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Contact shops in your are to get a accurate quote. I couldn't tell you unless I knew the year, make, and model of the vehicle.


Answer by  PfcxFlynn (19)

Fuel pumps usually price around $50-$80. Labor at a shop is approximately $150.00 or you can istall it yourself and pay only the $50-$80.


Answer by  jackson (75)

To repair a fuel pumb costs differently in different me am in kenya it can cost a maximum of ksh.2,000.00 which is equivalent to 23 us dollars.


Answer by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

If you do it yourself. It just depends on the make and model and year of the car or truck.


Answer by  Anonymous

it regularly comes out to $250 at my local mechanic, labor is what kills!


Answer by  Anonymous

It costs $390 is the Caribbean on Jeep Cherokee

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