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Question by  sophia82 (18)

How to install a fuel pump on a Jeep Cherokee?

I need to install a fuel pump.


Answer by  bmurph80 (91)

Disconnect battery terminals to prevent and spark. Jack the vehicle up and support it with jack stands. Have some cans and rags handy to catch the excess gas. Undo the round locking ring underneath the gas tank and pull the old pump out and replace it with new fuel pump.


Answer by  Wiki10 (70)

First of all make sure that fuel is less than half of the tank. You will need some tools. Disconnect the fuel connector. There is a lock ring on the top which needs to be opened(loosed). Remove the electrical leads from the pump. Removes all the bolts and screws and take old kit out and install new one.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

The fuel pump on a Cherokee is located behind the radiator. Jeep's are nice to work on because you generally don't need any advanced tools. They are very simple and basic engines. Once you've located the radiator, you're going to have to remove the brake fluid well in order to get to the fuel pump.


Answer by  Mack36 (40)

The fuel pump on most Cherokees is in the fuel tank. It is best to remove all the fuel. Then carefully drop the tank, remove the fuel pump module from the tank. Install new module and re-install tank.


Answer by  daughtry (43)

First disconnect your battery. Then relieve the pressure from the fuel lines. The fuel pump is located on top and inside of the gas tank. disconnect the fuel lines at the pump along with the wires. siffon out the gas tank and then drop it down. Once down remove the pump and replace.


Answer by  SanthaKumar (35)

first we have to remove the battery cables for the safety, then we have to remove the tank from the underneath by lifting,then we have to remove the fuel pipe lines, if you see in the tank top side fuel pump mounting is locked,remove by using special tool.Then fix it back as with reverse process.

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