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Question by  simmywade (1)

How much will a fuel pump cost for my Suburban?

I need information about parts as well as labor, the total cost.


Answer by  KWags1977 (427)

The fuel pump from the dealership of your choice will be between $400 and $500. Most dealerships charge anywhere from $65 to $80 an hour for labor. The job is about 5 hours to remove and replace the fuel pump. Your total cost would be around $800 to $900 plus tax.


Answer by  thudson (77)

MSRP for a Suburban fuel pump is around $400 depending on your engine size, although they can be purchased from $200-$300 at a parts retailer. Installation is about 5 labor hours, with most shops charging about $80 per hour, unless you want to try the repair yourself.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You will have to contact shops and get estimates of how much they will charge for the labor as well as the cost of parts.


Answer by  ljubo94 (12)

it will cost you a lot of money like 1000 - 3000 american dollars bot i can find you for 200 if you vant

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