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Question by  kristijan (14)

What should I know about substituting splenda for sugar when baking desserts?


Answer by  Charlotte (76)

As far as measurement, you can use Splenda exactly as you would sugar, according to your recipe, with no need for adjustments. The main difference is that Splenda does not carmelize (brown). If you want your cookies, etc., to brown, use a little cooking spray before baking. Also, Splenda does not act as a preservative as sugar does.


Answer by  coj (79)

For cakes and candies where texture matters, only substitute about 1/4 of the total sugar with splenda. Add a tablespoon of vanilla to enhance flavor. For cookies, only replace white sugar, not brown sugar, so they stay chewy. Anything you bake with splenda instead of sugar won't brown as much, so spray first with cooking spray.


Answer by  zxd110 (18)

Sometimes when baking with Splenda you will notice that the dough will not get as golden brown as much as it would with regular sugar. In order to get that golden color it may be necessary to use an egg wash on your dough before placing it in the oven.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

If you decide to use splenda rather than sugar when baking desserts, substitute equal amounts of splenda as that of the sugar the recipe called for. Splenda is a healthy sugar substitute and good for those who are supposed to be cutting down on their sugar intake such as diabetics.

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