Question by  Angelbaby (46)

What are some good sugar-free desserts?

I need them to be tasty. Recipes, please!


Answer by  Chef (8)

1/4 cup of cottage cheese 1 small package of sugar free pudding ( can be any flavor) 1/4 cup of sugar free cool whip In a small bowl, mix the cottage cheese and cool whip together, then add a few sprinkles of the pudding mix. It almost takes like mousse!


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I have made many sugar-free recipes from the Splenda website. They have from deserts to main dishes. If you don't like Splenda, type in sugar-free recipes and you'll get plenty.


Answer by  thebirds (4)

Yogurt made with sweeteners, with fruit on top is always good. Try adding bananas or even kiwi's. Yogurt, is very healthy and also has probiotics in it which is good for your immune system. Also, try making frozen yogurt, it's better than ice cream and can be sugarless if you add splenda.

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