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Question by  Sergej (34)

What should I know about painting over semi gloss exterior paint?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Wash and sand the area to be painted till smooth. An undercoat of paint first is usually a good idea as it provides a good base for topcoat. When undercoat is dry, paint on top coat using a gloss coat. When first coat of topcoat is dry, put a second coat on for extra protection from the elements.


Answer by  isolde (19)

painting over semi-gloss requires additional preparation. There are three methods one can use. The first is to sand the walls. This will remove the sheen. then, you must add a coat of primer. Or simply prime over it. Finally, a product type called kilns. This is rolled on like paint and prepares the wall to be primed.


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

If you paint over semi gloss paint or high gloss paint, it will peel off unless you prime it first. Kilz is a good primer which can be bought at your local Home Depot or Lowes. If you prime it with Kilz first, you can paint it with anything and not have to worry about it peeling.


Answer by  janka (36)

All exterior surfaces should be washed free of loose dirt and grime. Power washing is preferable. Any surface with sheen should be lightly sanded to abrade the surface so subsequent layers will "grip". Scrape any loose paint until you reach the point of good adhesion. Use an exterior primer and work it into all cracks. Dry thoroughly before painting.


Answer by  Patipada (21)

If the old paint is latex based, wash the area well (by hand with TSP or with a power washer), rinse, and then repaint. If the old paint is oil based, wash as described above and then sand completely. Thoroughly rinse. Repaint. These instructions are valid whether the new paint is oil or latex based.


Answer by  Ed57 (95)

A successful paint job is all about preparation. If enamel gloss is already on the surface, this may need to be sanded and primed. If latex is already on the surface, a light sand gives best adherence. It is also possible to apply the new latex coat without sanding. In either case, two new coats are usually better than one.


Answer by  Anonymous

All answers about sanding the entire exterior is unrealistic. First determine if existing finish is oil base or latex. This will determine the primer to be used. A good pressure wash, followed by primer coat, and finish coats.

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