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Question by  Dawn55 (101)

How do you estimate a painting job?

I am interested in how to estimate interior and exterior painting.


Answer by  jf12 (179)

You must know the total square footage of the area you need to paint to have the right amount of paint. You will also need other painting supplies.


Answer by  paintingking (7)

First calculate the square footage of the surface being painted to get your cost of materials. Then determine the time required to paint. This will determine your labor cost.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

first you need to measure the surfaces you are going to paint. Then you need to decide on the quality of the paint you plan on using. Also, will you need primer, spackle, brushes, rollers, extensions, drop cloths, tape or paint thinner? If you aren't going to do the work, you'll have to factor in the cost of labor.


Answer by  Prasanna (4)

PAINTING is a very Artistic job, with this one can express his / her Luxury. We need to calculate the cost of paint needed and the Labor cost separately. Usually the Painter calculated their cost per sq. meter. Better ask your neighbors how much they paid and quote your estimate.

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