Question by  debunker22 (80)

Do you use gloss black paint on furniture?

I am painting indoor/outdoor chairs.


Answer by  tr6400 (88)

Gloss black, if it is an acrylic enamel, is a good choice for outdoor furniture. One tip before painting the furniture is preparing the surface by removing loose paint and or rust this is normally done by sanding. A good brand of paint is Rust-Oleom or Krylon which can be found at most retailers for a few dollars a can.


Answer by  williamspaint (12)

Gloss paint is recommended for furniture such as chairs and tables as it is the easiest to clean. For outdoor chairs, it is important to use a durable, waterproof paint such as an enamel. Color is certainly a matter of personal preference.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

You can use it, its up to you and the look your trying to achieve. Personally id go with a semi gloss so the sun doesnt reflect as much.

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